Delaware County
Habitat for Humanity
P.O. Box 226
Delhi, NY 13753

Welcome, volunteers!
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Habitat understands that for some, "shelter in place" is a different kind of crisis. Now more than ever, our work requires all of us, together.

Families and individuals in need of a hand up partner with Habitat to build or improve a place they call home. Our vision is simple: A world where everyone, no matter what their differences, has a decent, affordable home.

In Delaware County, we know our volunteers are not afraid to dig in 
and get to work!

We believe every home is a building block. ​And every helping hand 
makes a difference!


With Habitat for Humanity, every person has the power for good. 
Habitat for Humanity does good work all around the world. And we are building right here in Delaware County!

Through shelter, we empower ourselves, our neighbors, and our community.

Habitat's vision: 
A world where everyone has a decent place to live.

At Delaware County Habitat for Humanity, we have an open-door policy. We follow equal opportunity housing policies. All who believe that everyone needs a decent, affordable place to live are welcome to help with the work, regardless of race, gender,  religion, age, disability, political views, or any of the other distinctions that too often divide people. In short, Habitat welcomes volunteers and supporters from all backgrounds and also partners with people in need of decent housing regardless of differences. As a matter of policy, Habitat for Humanity International and its affiliated organizations do not proselytize. This means that Habitat will not offer assistance on the expressed or implied condition that people must either adhere to or convert to a particular faith, or listen and respond to messaging designed to induce conversion to a particular faith. 
Strength, Stability, and Independence
"A Brush with Kindness"
for the historic gazebo
in Delhi, New York