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Delhi, NY 13753

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Habitat for Humanity of Delaware County NY Programs

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Exterior work that includes painting, patching, minor repair, landscaping or replacement of materials for the purpose of maintaining good or sound condition.
Costs not to exceed 5 percent of the average cost of a new 
Habitat home in the area. 

Designed to improve the energy efficiency and overall indoor air quality and comfort of the structure, weatherization is a systematic repair process to an existing home based on a comprehensive energy audit, resulting in a defined scope of work.
Costs not to exceed 10 percent of the average cost of a new Habitat home in the area.

Extensive interior or exterior work performed to alleviate critical health, life and safety issues or code violations, including a change to or repair of materials or components; a reconfiguration of space; a modification for accessibility; or installation or extension of plumbing, mechanical or electrical systems on an existing structure. Note: Painting is not a critical home repair. 
Costs not to exceed 15 percent of the average cost of a new Habitat home in the area.

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mailed to:  

Habitat for Humanity of Delaware County, NY
PO Box 226
Delhi, NY 13753

  - You may be eligible for a home if you meet the following criteria:
  - You do not own your own home
  - Your income falls within the following guidelines:

*Download an application by: 

Habitat for Humanity is a partnership—not a charity.    We provide a hand up, not a hand out, which creates partnerships with volunteers and homeowners. 
Houses are not free.      Qualified homeowners buy their houses through zero or low-interest mortgages and hundreds of hours of sweat equity.
​-  You are in need of housing as your present 
   residence is inadequate for your family.

You have the ability to pay:
     -You do not have excessive credit card debt or multiple
       bills in collection. (Please call us if you are not sure.)
      -If you have not declared bankruptcy in the last 3 years
      -You pay your rent on time
      -You have had stable income for the last 12 months

- You are willing to partner with Habitat:
    -You are willing to partner with Habitat and put in  
     a minimum of 200 hours of “sweat equity” and will volunteer       on the first home built for another family after your home is

  -You will also attend budget classes and  homeowner         
  -You are willing to live in a home where the     
    affiliate has land to build.